A Sporting Challenge

We all love a good sporting challenge, and sailing certainly provides one of the most exciting.

Guilty Pleasures

But another of my favourite sporting ‘guilty pleasure’ pastimes is playing the lottery.

I know many of you guys enjoy this little flutter from time to time too, so I don’t feel too guilty about sharing it here.

I play a couple of games on a regular basis, but also love playing in a ‘pool’. And where this collides quite nicely in one particular case is with a EuroMillions syndicate I enjoy playing with.

Now EuroMillions is not everyones cup of tea. The odds are pretty horrible of hitting the jackpot (check the official site) – but that’s why I figure playing in a syndicate is the best option. Because that boost in the number of tickets you buy soon brings the odds back down again, but also because even in a fairly big group you can all still end up millionaires if you get a jackpot win. Because the jackpots do regularly get very big.

In fact they range from big to stupidly big. So your group can even end up multi-millionaires on a good day.

I’ve played with lots of different syndicate groups over the years, including one of the UK’s most popular called B.F.L. – you can find a Big Fat Lotto review here for more detailed info on them. And from the same site you can also find lots more lottery syndicate reviews too.

I also like the plain old boring  main UK Lotto game. Although it lost a bit of appeal when they revised it and put the price up. They added on a useful ‘raffle’ type game to the main draw – but made it compulsory and doubled the ticket price to cover that and some prize re-jigging.

I’m not sure it wholly worked, but they said they needed to do something to cater for the drop in revenues. I guess I stick with it out of habit – I’ve been playing it on and off since the first draw when it launched – maybe I’ll actually win it one day 🙂

And I don’t suppose I’ll get tired of it anytime soon either.

I’d be interested to know what games you guys prefer. So get in touch and let me know. Maybe I’ll do a round up later on to reveal our vices publicly to the world – anonymously of course 😉