Melges 32-Class Prep For Miami, Florida


A couple of Australian names you might recognise have been helping out a young crew in their preparations for the Melges 32-class world champs.

Grant Wharington and Rob Brown are acting as mentors for the crew from Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron to get them up to scratch for Miami, Florida this December.

The guys are competing in the Audi Hamilton Island Race Week (on this week) amongst over 180 boats. They age from just 16 years old up to Captain Matt at 21. It’s a full on 8 days of getting things right. But it’s often a bit of a lottery for the Florida clubs.

In other Florida news, two players have split the jackpot on the Fantasy 5 winning $100,694.82. And there were no winners for both the Florida Lotto and the Powerball. Looks like a few more people need to join my favorite Powerball lottery pool then.

More competition news up shortly.