Olympics Closes Rio Airport

If you’re planning a holiday in Rio, or watching the Olympic sailing live – make sure you plan carefully. The domestic airport is going to be closed down for 4 1/2 days during the competition around Guanabara Bay.


This is partly to allow filming of the event – helicopters mainly, but also the crews have complained that the low flying aircraft coming in to land or taking off could be a major disruption to racing boats. Not too sure on that last point but the Government has confirmed the airspace will be close and nothing in or out.

NOTE: This is the domestic terminal, not Rio international as that’s much further inland. Just be careful though because it’s going to cause chaos for travel around the area as 10’s of thousands of people will be hitting the roads instead of using internal flights. The Presidents chief of staff says they realise the disruption will cause problems but for the games it really was justified.

It is however going to be a stunning games with some amazing sailing. If you have ever seen the mountains around the area, not to mention the Sugarloaf Mountain of course, you’ll know we’re in for some pretty special coverage – even if you only see it on a TV screen.